Hey, I'm Betty
I'm 65 years old. I created a fitness app for the elderly on an Amazon Echo smart speaker.

This is the first and only fitness app for seniors. I made it because no other fitness app on a smartphone or TV is suitable for seniors.

If you have an Amazon Echo or Fire TV, you can launch the app by simply saying "Alexa, open Everyday Workout". It is very convenient. You do not need to install anything. You do not need a smartphone screen. You can control your training by voice and enjoy high-quality sound.
How it works:
I created this app. I have nothing to do with Amazon. I do not cooperate with Amazon and do not receive any help from them.
I launched the app six months ago and received a lot of positive feedback.
One thousand five hundred people from 50 to 86 years old train with my app today
I made the app free, but it required too much money for support and development:
I pay programmers to develop and maintain the app every month
I pay fitness trainers to write programs
I pay voice actors with voice training sessions
I pay the sound engineer who adds music to the voice
I pay Facebook for advertising so as many older people as possible will know about the app. Advertising is costly
I spent just over $50,000 over the last six months, and my expenses continue to grow.
So I made the app paid. I set a price of $48 a year. But not all older people can afford it.
My mission is to ensure that as many senior citizens are healthy and lead an active lifestyle
And my app helps them do that. I want to help as many senior citizens as possible and give you this opportunity.
You can support the project and donate $10 for developing the app. In return, we will give you lifetime access to the app to one person in need. After payment, we will inform you about who we provided access to and give their contact details. We will also notify them it was you who gave him this app.
Our goal is to make 10,000 senior citizens happy. We can't do it without the extra money.
You can give the app to a specific person or someone random. To give the app to a specific person, they must have an E-mail address,
an Amazon Echo smart speaker, or a Fire TV.
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$10 - 1 person. $100 - 10 people.
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I will contact you for more details after payment. If you have questions or suggestions for helping the project, contact me.
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