How Do I Play Sports In Quarantine At The Age Of 55.
Hi! My name is Megan, I'm 55 and I'm a housewife. My children are grown up and my eldest son Sam has already given birth to my beautiful granddaughter! I live together with my husband Paul and often visit them.

When my children left the house, I convinced myself for a long time that I was about to embark on a new journey. For the first couple of months, I couldn't figure out what to do. Then, I started trying new recipes, watching YouTube videos, going for a walk in the park and even managed to make new friends. We even started to engage in simple sports together, such as Scandinavian walking, going to other parks and just walking. I need to be fit because I have a little granddaughter, with whom I love to mess around. She's a very active girl and I have to correspond.

The coronavirus situation has messed me up. Once I'd started being dynamic, I now have to say hello to my couch again and start rewatching Downton Abbey for the third time. It is impossible to go even to church — all communication with the outside world is limited to the neighboring store and video communication. My back has started hurting again and my legs — swell and I have gained a couple of unnecessary pounds.

I've started to worry about myself, because soon it will be summer and I'm risking not being able to get into any dresses. As for my husband — he is predisposed to cardiovascular diseases and now he cannot take his morning run. At first, it seemed that the world itself built a wall around us and wanted us to remain in this prison. Such figures are very frightening and it is not clear what to do.

After the first wave of shock, we tried to become more modern and downloaded several apps for sports on our smartphones, but what they offered was too difficult for us — we could withstand a couple of exercises, then the shortness of breath appeared and we started dripping with sweat. Then my husband and I tried to take online classes for aerobics, but there were always some problems with the program: with the video, then with the sound. A lot of people train at the same time, the coach does not have time to keep track of everyone and motivation immediately disappears. It's good that we encouraged each other, but why did we have to pay for such classes?