Alexa Skills Development
Our ready-made products
Radio Skill, $30/month
Broadcast your radio station to 100 million Alexa devices, add interactive ads, listener voice polls and get detailed statistics for your advertisers.
Interactive Radio, $60/month
Now the user can listen to your radio shows at any time convenient for him.
"Alexa, ask Radio XYZ today's news"
+ interactive advertising
+ online polls
+ detailed statistics
Flash briefing, $30/month
Create your own flash briefing, record content several times a week, gather an audience and earn on Alexa. Most flash briefings are focused on a general theme, topic, or industry, like gardening, entrepreneurship, writing, or parenting. People will ask "Alexa, what's the news?" and they will hear you.
Podcast Skill, $30/month
Add your content to the most popular voice platform in the world and doing profit.
Your support service Skill, from $995
Reduce the load on the support service or HR. Create Alexa's Skill for your company and add the answers to the most common questions there.
Food and goods delivery, from $995
Are you the owner of a pizza, sushi, burger, or other food delivery service? By 2021, more than 50% of food and food orders will be completed through voice assistants. Hurry up to take your place.
Custom development,
from $300
Do you have your own unique idea? We are ready to develop it from scratch and transfer to you all intellectual property.
Ordering Alexa Skill from us you will receive it on all Alexa devices
How can you make money with Alexa
Sell content, items or real goods
Sell a subscription to your content, items within the Skill (tips, extra levels, etc.), as well as real goods
Sell ads
Alexa is now gaining immense popularity as well as once Instagram or Facebook. Gather an audience around your Skill and broadcast ads to it.
Amazon Monthly Rewards
Every month, Amazon chooses its favorite skills and rewards developers with money. Hurry up while the competition is low!
How much Alexa Skills owners already earn
There are 100k Alexa Skills now and 2.1 mln apps in App Store. Become the first on Alexa.
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