Add any voices made by AI to your Alexa Skills.
Your own or TV stars
Using machine learning technologies, we create super-realistic voice clones of any people
Super-realistic voices created by AI
Voices, created by a neural network, are perfect for the dynamic content.
For example, if you're developing a voice game, you can use not a standard speech synthesis that all the developers use, but add a unique wellknown voice.
In this case, your skill will be even more popular among Alexa users.
We can create a new voice for you within a week
We need just an hour of audio data in order to train our neural networks and have a result.
The Technology Aspects
We have an API that is simple and fast. It will take you a short time to integrate our API with your Alexa Skill
data = {"speaker": "Trump", "text": "Your Text"}
req ="", data=data, headers=headers)
Media and rewards
Vera Voice has specialized in making smart voice robots since 2015
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